Lagafors’ undertaking grows as Vidinge Grönt expands its operations

May 3, 2017 | CCS, News

Vidinge Grönt is one of the fastest-growing food companies in the Nordic countries. In just a few years, the company has become a leading supplier of rinsed and portion-packed salads to the grocery trade – and they have big plans for the future. They recently brought a new line for ready-made meal salads into production, and they trusted Lagafors to deliver a cleaning system that will fulfil their stringent hygiene requirements.

Sweden’s most modern facility
Washed and ready-cut salad products are becoming more and more popular. This fact is easy to see at Vidinge Grönt in Norrvidinge, just north of Lund, where they have built Sweden’s most modern washing and packaging plant for salads and vegetables. And they are already planning for further growth and expansion, which will significantly increase their capacity.

Partners since 2010
Vidinge Grönt’s current salad product operations started in 2008 and Lagafors has been supplying hygiene solutions for most of those years. Our collaboration started in connection with their first expansion in 2010. Today, the company runs a centralized cleaning system with satellites located around the plant. Among other things, this means that all refilling of cleaning chemicals is managed at one sole location, which facilitates cleaning efforts in their production environment.
“Hygiene is our number one priority and we want to give our cleaning staff the best possible opportunity to meet our standards,” says Ida Ahlbeck, Quality Manager at Vidinge Grönt.

A lock to ensure hygiene
When Vidinge Grönt recently expanded their offering to include a packaging line for ready-made meal salads containing pasta and protein, they once again turned to Lagafors for help.
In addition to supplementing their existing cleaning solutions, we also delivered a special lock that maintains hygiene in their new production environment. This lock requires all staff to stop and wash their hands and shoes before they go to their stations on the production line.
“We are very happy with Lagafors,” says Ida, “both in terms of their products and their regular service. Furthermore, their team is professional and easy to deal with,
so everything works the way it’s supposed to.
I’d be happy to recommend Lagafors to other companies. They know the food-processing industry and its special challenges. I feel safe putting my hygiene requirements in Lagafors’ hands,” Ida concludes, with her sights already set on Vidinge Grönt’s next expansion plans.