Our concepts

Relentless Reduction

Relentless Reduction® is a concept that we, Lagafors has embraced and integrated into everything that we do.

Lagafors is not only a company in tune with the times but also a trailblazer, leading the way into the future. The only viable path for our planet is sustainability, and we have chosen Relentless Reduction® as the most effective approach to deliver measurable results.

The starting point for all projects is an analysis of the current state, measuring all consumption parameters in the hygiene process, followed by simulating a scenario after implementing technological changes.

A proposal outlining potential savings in areas such as water, chemicals, energy, and time will be generated using the Lagafors hygiene calculator and presented to the customer. Real-time logging of all parameters will be carried out by the Lagafors LTS system, and the results will be presented in units like gallons of water per ounce of bacon etc, exemplifying the progress made towards Relentless Reduction® in two key areas.

BAT (Best Available Technology)

BKP (Best Known Processes or Practices)

By defining and sharing the BAT and BKP for the specified product category with other manufacturers in the same food industry, the opportunity to adopt and align with the principles of “Relentless Reduction®” becomes evident.

Moreover, Lagafors’ customers play a vital role in communicating this guiding message to the end consumers. These results, along with the data gathered through the LTS system, can be shared and presented on the final product, providing the end customer with valuable information. This empowers the end customer to make informed decisions and choose products based on factors such as water- and chemical consumption.

This comprehensive approach places Lagafors’ customers ahead of their competitors in their efforts towards Relentless Reduction®, further reinforcing their commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

Used To Be Used

Used To be Used® is our second concept towards a more sustainable food industry. It is based on a holistic approach. Lagafors’ intention is to maximize the reuse of products that have been replaced for any reason. The goal is to minimize waste of Lagafors’ products, which aligns with our aim to promote a more sustainable food industry.