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We all have to be good global corporate citizens where we in a sustainable way use scarce resources under the motto “As little as possible – As much as necessary”. This is were our cleaning systems comes in. Since 1962 we have single-mindedly focused on continuously improving food safety and hygiene with reduced costs whilst minimizing environmental impact and improving the work environment. We take pride in our achievements so far and are grateful for having customers and suppliers that share our motto and conclude that “Safer Food leads to Better Business”.

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Lagafors Corner Stones –

Relentless Reduction Since 1962


Optimal Hygiene

We offer high-quality equipment, technical service, availability, and safe food production.


Environmental Impact

Reduced environmental impact: Recyclability, sustainability through long equipment lifetime, and reduced plastic use.


Relentless Reduction

Save water, chemicals, energy, operation costs, and time with Lagafors equipment.


Improved Working Environment

Lagafors offers user-friendly products, personal safety, reduced cleaning time, automation, and increased production throughput.

Optimal hygiene









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Lagafors Lecturing at LTH

Lagafors continues its collaboration with Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering (LTH) for the fifth consecutive year…

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Anuga FoodTech 2024

Between March 19-22, we will once again be exhibiting at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne. Come and visit us and talk food hygiene, automation…

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Expanded mobile segment

We are now expanding our mobile range to meet the different needs that our customers may have. The device is available in the following versions:

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Welcome Steve!

We welcome Steve Fleming, who will be joining Lagafors Inc. as our new General Manager. What sparked your interest in Lagafors? During my

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We have some exciting news to share!

During June, we had the pleasure of hosting two guests from Germany in Sweden – our German…

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The Entrepreneur of the Year award in Laholm 2023

Just in time for Lagafors 61st birthday, owners Johan Cavalli and Magnus Elmblad were awarded…

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Lagafors Zinner Circle

All of our work is guided by the principles of the Zinner Circle, which consists of 4 parameters…                                                                                                            

Relentless Reduction & Used To Be Used

Relentless Reduction® is a concept that we, Lagafors have embraced and integrated into everything that we do. We firmly believe that the path forward for our planet lies in sustainability, and as such, we have chosen Relentless Reduction® as the most effective approach to deliver measurable and impactful results.

Discover more about the transformative power of Relentless Reduction® and our second concept, Used To be Used.