Lagafors reaps the fruits of Scandinavia’s juiciest cleaning job

Feb 21, 2018 | News, Trade press

When Eckes-Granini acquired Rynkeby from Arla in 2016, they had gathered all of Scandinavia’s leading juice brands in one group of companies. Management’s next decision was to gather all of their juice production under the same roof—in a newly built plant on the island of Fyn that would be ready in 2017. Since one of the goals of this new plant was to ensure product quality, they asked Lagafors if we could deliver the cleaning system. Of course we could!

All of the leading brands
Since last fall, fruit, berries and vegetables from all over the world are delivered daily to the new facility near Odense. The carefully selected raw produce is then transformed into juices, fruit drinks and soups that are marketed to gourmets in the Nordic countries under such brands as Brämhults, Rynkeby, God Morgon, JO and Sagolika.
This plant is the hub for Eckes-Granini’s Nordic operations, with the capacity to produce tens of millions of litres of juice each month. This factory is also equipped with the latest technology at every step in the process to ensure the best quality and shelf life of their products.

 Positive experience
Mathias Hermansson spent many years as the Technical Manager at Brämhults in Borås, which made him the natural choice for project manager of the new facility’s construction. What he doesn’t know about food-processing in general and juice presses in particular is not worth knowing.
Naturally, when the time came to choose equipment suppliers, Mathias preferred to work with companies that he knew held their word. His positive experience of Lagafors from his time at Brämhults enabled him to convince the company’s management group about our cleaning solution.
“I have several years’ first-hand experience of what Lagafors’s products deliver,” Mathias says, ”and since hygiene is our number one priority, it wasn’t that hard to win over the management team. Choosing the best option was always our priority.”

Everything is working according to plan
Their choice fell on a centralized system with 14 satellite stations that are strategically located around the facility. The results were a sound working environment where all of the equipment is always easily accessible.
Production at the plant began in November, 2017, and so far everything is working as intended. Even the cleaning?
“Absolutely. Everything is running according to plan.”
Would you consider using Lagafors in more new plants and/or recommend them to your colleagues in the food-processing industry?
“Yes, I would be more than willing to recommend them,” Mathias says. “Lagafors are easy to deal with and they sell high-quality, priceworthy products. What else could you ask for?”