Lagafors Lecturing at LTH

Feb 19, 2024 | News

Lagafors continues its collaboration with Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering (LTH) for the fifth consecutive year. Jenny Schelin, Associate Professor at LTH, welcomed Lagafors to deliver an engaging lecture on Food Safety, Design, and Hygiene as part of the advanced course Quality and Product Safety.

Johan Cavalli represented Lagafors on-site, while Magnus Elmblad and Olle Larsson provided a highly valued live demonstration of the cleaning cycle at the Lagafors test facility in Laholm.

Johan emphasized the importance of maintaining high hygiene standards and considering food safety throughout the entire value chain. He stressed the need for all stakeholders, including consumers, retailers, distributors, and those involved in production and technology, to understand the potential consequences of failure. Johan encouraged taking a perspective-taking approach, urging everyone to consider the impact on others by “walking 1.000 steps in their shoes”.

Key topics covered included:

  • CSRD / ”Relentless Reduction”® / ”Used to be Used” ®
  • Future of food: why, what & how?
  • Hygiene zones: optimal cleaning practices
  • Water conservation: a necessity
  • Robotics and AI: transforming the industry
  • Greenwashing: addressing environmental concerns

It’s essential to discuss how we can collectively drive development in a sustainable direction to reduce our environmental impact. Lagafors’ Log Trace Technology (LTS) allows us to measure and analyze various factors like water usage and chemical concentration during cleaning processes. This measurable data enables us to optimize our processes continuously, ensuring that we are making meaningful progress towards our sustainability goals.

In closing, Johan shared a valuable insight, stating, “The best is the worst enemy of good enough.” Emphasizing the importance of balanced product development, he encouraged prioritizing market readiness over endless refinement cycles.