The Entrepreneur of the Year award in Laholm 2023

May 22, 2023 | News, Press Release, Trade press

Just in time for Lagafors 61st birthday, owners Johan Cavalli and Magnus Elmblad were awarded “Entrepreneur of the Year” in Laholm.

“We are extremely happy and proud of the award that we won in tough competition – We are very honored to receive this longed for award”.

That as a 60+ year old company we deliver a growth by 42% in Q 1, in tough times, is fantastic and gratitude goes to all the wonderful Lagaforsers, our partners and global customers.

Since 2004, we have persistently focused on building on our core values, which can be summed up in “Relentless Reduction®” by e.g. water, energy, chemicals, occupational injuries, production costs and ensuring good food safety and hygiene.

We take pride in being a company in tune with the times that delivers on our promises – to everyone.

Motivation: Entrepreneur of the year “The Entrepreneur of the Year award in Laholm 2023 goes to two entrepreneurs who have shown outstanding leadership and impressive growth in their industry. Through innovative strategies and a passionate commitment to promoting sustainable, local but also international development, the entrepreneurs have contributed to society and the region’s success. Therefore it is with pure joy that we appoint Johan Cavalli and Magnus Elmblad as Entrepreneurs of the Year in Laholm 2023.”