Santa Maria upgrades from 20 to 40 bar

Nov 29, 2012 | News

When Santa Maria in Landskrona expanded their factory with an additional production line and installed a 40 bar central cleaning system from Lagafors, they took advantage and exchanged also their existing 20 bar system with a 40 bar.

The installation of the new central 40 bar system started at the beginning of 2012. One LWP 4070 Multi and a number of VMS satellites are part of the new installation. A VCC-T chemical centre was in place since previously and was integrated into the new system. At the same time as the new installation was carried out, the existing Lagafors 20 bar system was upgraded to 40 bar to make cleaning operations more efficient and save water.

”When using a 40 bar system you save approximately 25-30% watercompared to a 20 bar”, says Mats Andersson Lagafors sales responsible for the Swedish market.

“For us it is incredibly important and valuable that the salesman is able to tell us what we need; in these cases you buy both knowledge and security. This is what Lagafors provided us with and that is why we chose them as our supplier of cleaning equipment”, says project manager Peter Ulveland at Santa Maria

“The assembling of the installation was carried out in a very satisfactory way, safely and according to the time schedule. We can warmly recommend Lagafors to other companies”, Peter concludes.