Washing Machine for Boxes KWM 350/500 – DSW

The washing machine for boxes KWM 350 and KWM 500 are developed for bigger food processing factories, where a washing capacity of 350 or 500 Euro-boxes per hour are requested.

Both machines are separated into a main washing zone and an extra rinsing zone. The main wash is carried out with water at max. 45 °C, which may be supplemented with a cleaning agent. The water is heated using the 18 kW heater and regulated with a thermostat. In the rinse zone the boxes are washed with on-site hot water of at least 85 °C and disinfected.

The flow heater must be connected to the hot water supply with a flow temperature of at least 45 °C. The rinse water means that an exchange of dirty water is constantly taking place. A removable filter frees the water of the worst elements.

Maintenance and cleaning of the machine can be carried out easily thanks to the removable cover and also consists of an inspection opening.


  • Steam heated version
  • Automatic dosage of cleaning agent
  • Continuous flow heater
  • Speed regulation
  • Overhead for operation by one person
  • Cold air blower

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