Washing Machine for Boxes KWM 100 – DSW

The washing machine for boxes KWM 100 was designed specifically for smaller businesses in the food processing industry and has a set speed of 100 European-standard boxes per hour.

The machine consists of a main washing zone with 4 nozzle assemblies and a separate rinsing zone. The main wash is carried out with water at max. 45 °C, which may be supplemented with a cleaning agent. The water is heated using the 12 kW heater and regulated with a thermostat.

The heater is equipped with a low liquid level control. In the rinse zone the boxes are washed with clean water at at least 85 °C and disinfected. For the heating of the water a continuous flow heater is optional. The flow heater must be connected to the water supply with a flow temperature of at least 45 °C. Maintenance and cleaning of the machine can be carried out easily thanks to the removable cover and also consists of an inspection opening.


  • Automatic dosage of cleaning agent
  • Side-mounted continuous flow heater
  • Speed regulation

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