Variable Chemical Centre – VCC II/70

Lagafors’® unique, centralized chemical dosing system VCC, Variable Chemical Center, now has a newly developed successor — the VCC II. In our development efforts, we have focused on increased capacity and flexibility, improved materials and components, as well as enhanced personal safety. Other features are much more efficient maintenance and technical service.

This unit is comprised of a pressure pump, 1-4 chemical dosing modules and a controller. A dosing precision of +/- 0,1% of the chemical solutions provides optimal chemical concentration with maximal results. The unit can dose up to 4 simultaneous chemical solutions.

Through the years, the VCC has been shown to be especially suitable for environments with high demands on hygiene and resource consumption, such as slaughterhouses, dairies, breweries, the fish and meat processing industries and large-scale kitchens.

• Main Components: pressure pump, 1-4 chemical dosing modules and PLC Siemens S7-1200
• LTS compatible, giving the customer full control over their cleaning process
• High dosing precision (+/- 0.1%), which guarantees low chemical consumption
• Capacity of 1-12 simultaneous users (6-70 lit/min)
• Flexible, can handle various combinations of up to four chemical solutions
• Level indicator with alarm is standard
• Dosage 1-6% standard. Low dose 0.005-0.5% on request

VCC II/70 Product sheet page 10-11


  • High dosage accuracy (+/- 0,1%)
  • Constant chemical concentration
  • Central storage of chemicals
  • Central dosage
  • Separate water systems


  • Reduced environmental impact
  • No concentration fluctuation
  • No concentrated chemicals in production area, less handling of chemicals
  • Purchase of chemicals in containers
  • Possibility to set desired temperature of diluted chemical solution


  • Lower chemical cost
  • Reduced chemical consumption
  • Reduced risk of accidents with chemicals, no waste problems in chem tanks
  • Reduced cost per liter of detergent, saving time when changing
  • Optimal chemical efficiency, improved working environment, reduced amount of aerosol


Chemical savings up to


Labor savings up to


Increased personal safety up to