Satellite Station – VMS II-Combi


The Lagafors® Variable Media Satellite, VMS II-Combi, is a further development and improvement on our previous VMS-Combi unit. We’ve trimmed the unit’s measurements and improved its service-friendliness. The unit is hygienically designed and can be connected to any Lagafors® water pump centre and Lagafors® VCC chemical centre for chemical solution dosing. This unit is wall-mounted in the production area and is suitable for water pressures between 10 and 160 bar (145–2,320 psi). Thanks to an integrated injector, our VMS II-Combi variant can handle both centrally dosed chemical and disinfectant solutions as well as an optional alternative chemical solution. This unit is essentially an alternative for customers who want centralized dosing, but also work in an environment where the use of an optional chemical solution (e.g. acid chemical) is needed from time to time. This provides a large degree of freedom concerning applications, while at the same time maintaining operator safety and centralized dosing. The VMS II-Combi is made entirely of stainless steel. It is easy to manage, with an integrated colour-coded system of ball valves and nozzles. The satellite station is user-friendly, as well as easy to maintain and clean both inside and out, thanks to its open-bottom design.

5 year ”Lagafors Limited Warranty”.

The VMS II-Combi unit is comprised of:
• Colour-coded ball valves for each media.
• Stainless steel hood with a slanted top for improved hygiene.
• A unique concept that is comprised of a mixer unit for dosing chemical and disinfectant solutions, as well as an integrated injector for an optional chemical solution.
• Quick couplings for changing media.

VMS II-Combi Product sheet page 20-21


  • Easy to fix and connect
  • Well thought out design
  • ”All-in-one”-principle
  • Injector for optional chemical solution


  • Time effective
  • Easy to clean
  • Only one hose to operate
  • Flexible


  • Lower installation costs
  • Good from a hygienic perspective
  • Saves time during cleaning
  • Meets all requirements