Low Water Pressure Pump – LWP CBA

The Lagafors® low-pressure centre LWP CBA (Low Water Pressure, Combi Booster Automatic), is designed for automatic cleaning of production equipment in the food-processing industry, such as conveyor belts, refrigerators, freezers, cooking cabinets, smoking cabinets, automatic roasters, etc. The unit features Lagafors’ unique hygienic design that makes it suitable for placement in production areas and can be complemented with a built-in satellite station equipped with outlets for water and chemical and disinfectant solutions. This makes OPC (Open Plant Cleaning) within the unit’s immediate vicinity (max 30 meters) possible. The unit is available in four different pressure/flow versions and is equipped with solenoid valves, which enable management from the customer’s PLC and operator panel. Separate PLC management of the unit can be provided on request.

• Up to 40 bar working pressure
• Up to 200 lit/min flow
• Ability to integrate with VMS II-DC
• Delivered with a hygienically designed cabinet
• Unit is wall-mounted
• Zoning valve (4 zones) built on to the unit is optional
• The DSA II distribution satellite can be used if more than 4 zoning valves is needed

LWP CBA Product sheet page 44-45


  • Increases the pressure on outgoing media
  • Flexibility in pressure and flow
  • Supplies water as well as chemical and disinfectant solution
  • Hygienic design
  • Electric cabinet with connection blocks
  • Automatic and application flexibility


  • Better cleaning energy on surfaces
  • Multiple options
  • All-in-One concept
  • Enables placement in production area
  • Management from customer’s PLC
  • Quality and resource optimization


  • From 3 bar up to 40 bar
  • 40 bar and up to 200 lit/min
  • Flexible
  • Easy to clean
  • Low investment
  • Saves time, water, chemicals and enables quality assurance


Water savings up to


Chemical savings up to


Labor savings up to


Increased personal safety up to