Low Pressure Injector – CDE II S/D/T


The Lagafors® Low Pressure Injector, or CDE II (Chemical dosing equipment), is a functional, low-cost unit for flushing with water and application of foam/chemical solutions.

The CDE II unit is wall-mounted in the production area/kitchen and is suitable for water pressures from 4-8 bar. The operator can easily shift between different media with one easy maneuver. Concentrated chemicals are extracted from containers placed in the satellite station’s immediate vicinity.

The CDE II unit is equipped with a pressurized air connection. This unit was designed for areas where good hygiene is required, but the use of pressurized water isn’t. Up to three different dosages are possible.

Complete CDE II unit consists of:
• Stainless steel chemical solution injector
• Ballvalve for choice of water or chemical solution
• Hose rack
• 20 m hose and foam lance

CDE II S/D/T Product sheet page 34-35


  • Simple functionality
  • All-in-One
  • Easy to mount and connect
  • Small number of parts


  • Low cost
  • Chemical solution and water in one unit
  • Time-efficient
  • Time and cost-efficient service


  • Financial savings
  • Time-saving
  • Low installation cost
  • Lower maintenance costs