Lagafors ships products to the United States – cooperation with the American partner starts to yield results

Sep 19, 2018 | News

It took only five months for Lagafors collaboration with Birko Corporation to see results. The first order is already confirmed as number two and three. This means that Lagafors’s entry into the American food market is now a fact.
“The impact in the United States has gone faster than we dared to believe,” says Martin Johansson, Export Manager at Lagafors and the one responsible for the US market.
Now we have “cracked the ice” and can expect a good development in the next few years.

Established partner with wide network of contacts
A couple of years ago, when it all started in the US, we felt that our strategy was right. Partly because Birko is a reputable company with good contacts throughout the continent, partly because there is a huge improvement potential in the United States food industry.
“We are convinced that our combined, automated hygiene solutions can create a great value for the North American food and beverage industry in the future.
Birko’s sales force has done a good job from the very first moment and already had a breakthrough across the country. It is noticeable on the first three orders spread from north-east to north-west and down to the south.

Customers choose quality assurance
The first two historical deliveries go to a large-scale bacon company, based in Columbus, Ohio, as well as a company in the fruit processing industry located in Yakima, Washington. Both of these customers have ordered our chemical dosing unit VCC II and supplemented with six and eight VMS II-T satellite stations. All to ensure a smooth cleaning process and a good working environment for the cleaning staff
“Both have also purchased our innovative Log Trace System (LTS) logging system, which has been developed to give food companies control over their cleaning processes. It’s extra fun.
In addition to providing 100% monitoring, the system also generates reports of everything from water consumption and temperature to any chemical solution and concentration that has been used. This documentation then forms an important part of the company’s quality assurance processes.

Lagafors – the choice for future leaders
The third order comes from a Technical university in Lubbock, Texas, where tomorrow’s employees and decision makers in the food industry are educated and this order opens unexpected opportunities in a few years’ time as students bring good knowledge of Lagafors equipment into working life. It can give us many good references and ways into food industries around the United States in the future.
“But now, next on the agenda is installation and commissioning. Then just continue working. We at Lagafors have an exciting time ahead of us, Martin concludes.

For more information, please contact:
Martin Johansson, Export Manager
Tel. 0430-781 03