Lagafors represented at Nor-Fishing in Norway

Sep 1, 2016 | News

Nor-Fishing is a trade fair that is held in Norway. This yearly trade fair, which began in 1960, is a very important meeting place for the fishing and fish-processing industry, both domestic and international. Today, it is one of the world’s most important fishing technology fairs. During the last few years, this fair has attracted about 15,000 visitors from approximately 50 countries. Innovations that are important to every segment of the industry are showcased here.

This year, Lagafors’ Norwegian distributor for the past 25 years, Hygienteknikk A/S, had a booth where they presented, among other products, Lagafors’ hygiene and cleaning equipment for the food-processing industry.
Hygienteknikk is part of the Aquatic-group of companies, to which ACO Kemi A/S also belongs. In their newly designed booth, they displayed everything from centralized to decentralized solutions, as well as automatic cleaning.

”The Norwegian fishing industry, especially salmon, is still very strong and we will be working on a few large-scale facilities in the next couple of years. We have also increased our efforts to reach small and medium-sized customers this past year, and have been rewarded for this”, says Svein Inge Holtesmo, CEO of Hygienteknikk A/S.
”This trade fair has been very successful, with lots of serious customers and prospects. Now we’ll set to work following up all these new leads”, Svein Inge continues.

”As manager for the Norwegian market and our distributor here, I have been participating in this fair for the past ten years. Hygienteknikk is our oldest distributor and there is nothing they don’t know about our entire product range. It’s always interesting and a pleasure to sit down and talk with them. Knowing our business partners on a personal level is very important to us at Lagafors”, says Martin Johansson, Key Account Manager at Lagafors.