Lagafors cleans up at one of Germany’s largest bakeries

Feb 28, 2018 | News

When you are one of Germany’s largest manufacturers of bakery products, you have a lot of cleaning to do when the work day is over. A job that big requires a cleaning system that can manage both strict hygiene requirements and high volumes. So naturally we are flattered that the people behind the brand Schulte Feingebäck chose a Lagafors system when they expanded their production facility last year.

New construction last year
Conrad Schulte GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 1884, is a family-owned business that is now managed by the fourth generation.  In their pastry bakery located in Rietberg, northeast of Dortmund, they manufacture the cookies, biscuits and pastries that Germans all around the country love.
The company has incrementally increased its production capacity to keep pace with the steadily growing demand for their products. The latest expansion was completed in 2017 – and in connection with it they also chose to replace the cleaning system in the entire factory. Why? Oliver Edler, the company’s Quality Manager, says:
“Our old cleaning process was time-consuming, since the equipment needed to be taken out and then carried back in each time we cleaned.  We wanted a more rational solution.”

A change for the better
They chose the Lagafors CCU 2090 central cleaning system, complete with 5 VMS II-T satellite stations located around the facility. These new satellite stations are always in position and ready to use right away.
Why did you choose Lagafors?
“We had tested another manufacturer’s decentralized for system two years. The results were satisfactory, but recurring technical issues with the equipment led us to look for another supplier.”
Oliver Edler has seen several positive changes during the six months that their Lagafors system has been up and running.
“First and foremost, everything works. Day after day. Another advantage is that the satellites are easy to maintain and they have a robust design without a bunch of complicated electronics. On top of that, our detergent consumption has decreased significantly.”

More effective cleaning
Can you name any other advantages with Lagafors?
“Despite the fact that the equipment is easy to use, it is important that our staff are taught how to use it properly.  Lagafors has provided us with great support in that area.”
When asked whether they have noticed any efficiency gains or shortened cleaning times, Oliver Edler answers:
“Our personnel like the new equipment since the results of their cleaning efforts are visibly better and it allows them to make more efficient use of their time.”
Does that mean you are happy?
“Absolutely, both with Lagafors’ products and our fine collaboration with them.