Lagafors contributes to the quality of Espresso House’s own bakery

May 29, 2018 | News

With its more than 400 coffee shops, Espresso House is today the Nordic region’s leading coffee chain. That customers flowing to depend not only on the good coffee, but also on a wide range of pastries and different kinds of bread, all baked with love and care in the chain bakery in Malmo. We at Lagafors are both delighted with the successes and the fact that we have installed the cleaning system in the new Espresso House Bakery.

A brand-new bakery in Malmö
At Espresso House, baristan and baker are said to be equally important. Namely, the popularity of the chain is based not only on offering the best coffee experience but also the best accessory. Therefore, for a long time, Espresso House have had our own bakery where about 20 skilled craftsmen transformed good produce into a wide range of tasty products. But Espresso House was not satisfied. In order to ensure a good product quality and working environment, the chain decided to invest in a brand-new bakery in Malmö.

Good quality and treatment
Since quality has always been a key to Espresso House, it was natural that Lagafors was allowed to bid for the new plant’s cleaning system.
Site Manager Thomas Edgarn:
“We asked for quotes from three suppliers, of which Lagafors was one. We had some experience of their products before, but no complete system, but smaller items.
“That we eventually chose Lagafors was due to the whole picture. In part, we liked the products themselves, and Lagafors was quick to find alternatives and feedback on our questions. They were a good support for us throughout the process.

Our cooperation is developing
The choice fell on Lagafors central cleaning system with 5 satellite stations. Everything installed by Lagafors own technicians.
– The installation worked really well. It was a straight message there too and no hassle.
Now the new Espresso House Bakery has been running for a while and the facility is well-run. And everything works as it should, including the cleaning system: Thomas Edgarn:
– Both cleaning staff and quality managers are satisfied. In addition, we consume less chemicals now than before, which is pleasing.
Then the question is: Would you like to recommend Lagafors products to others?
“We have recently decided to install Lagafors automatic systems for cleaning our conveyor belts. I guess that says it all, “concludes Thomas Edgarn.