Lagafors contributes to a better work environment at HKScan in Linköping

Sep 8, 2016 | News

The cleaning system on HKScan’s consumer-packaging line in Linköping was worn out and needed to be replaced. At the same time, the plant’s management were eager to improve the work environment by concentrating chemical solution handling to one central location, like our CCS system does. When they initiated the procurement of a new system, Lagafors was invited to tender.
Amir Aminalroaya, manager of HKScan’s facility services, explains:
“Lagafors was already a well-known name for us, both the company and their products. So we were not surprised when they presented the best solution.”

Lagafors kept their promises
HKScan had a list of tough requirements. On top of demands on the equipment itself, they also needed the equipment installed and deployed by a certain date—without causing any production disruptions. This last requirement presupposes in-depth knowledge of the food-processing industry’s rigorous hygiene requirements. At Lagafors, we were certain we could meet these requirements.
“Lagafors kept all their promises,” says Amir. “They installed the equipment without any problems, even though our production was running around the clock. Their technicians respected our production needs and were hardly noticeable. And they did it in three days, exactly as planned.”

Time-savings and improved work environment
HKScan’s new centralized cleaning system has been up and running since the beginning of the summer. So far, they have not noticed any direct savings in chemical solution or water consumption, but there are still some noticeable differences. Amir Aminalroaya:
“Cleaning takes less time now. The new system has a much greater capacity. But most importantly, we have improved our work environment. All of the chemical solutions are handled by the centralized chemical system now, so we don’t have to carry various containers to the different stations anymore. It’s easy and convenient, so my colleagues are happy.

We are ready to help you upgrade
When asked if he would recommend Lagafors to other customers, Amir answers:
“Absolutely! Lagafors knows the food-processing industry, their products are great and they get the job done on time. And since we have more re-equipment projects in the pipeline, we will probably be working with them again soon.
Mats Andersson, Sales Manager at Lagafors, thanks Amir for his praise and adds:
“We are proud that HKScan chose our products and we are happy that they are so pleased with the work we delivered. And we promise to maintain the same delivery quality in any future projects.”